Resources for Black Students and Allies

We want to make sure everyone is seeing and hearing from Black students, faculty, campus organizations, and national/international societies. We will do our best to update this collection of resources. We welcome suggestions for additions.

At University of Oregon

Home for the Black and Educated – August 7, 2019 (by Jasmine Jackson; Vimeo: thatonegirljasmine – Posted with permission. Thanks Jasmine!

This is a documentary that my crew (Paula Mason, Alisyn Don, Megan Elizabeth Bergeron) and I worked really hard on for Documentary Production.

It’s about: the disheartenment felt by black students who don’t see a reflection of themselves within these Predominantly White Institutions, better yet the professors who teach them in their desired fields. It is to show Black students that Black professors are in and aware of this issue, and that they too are aware of the change(s) that are needed for the sake of retaining and recruiting of black staff / faculty so that black students might feel more encouraged by seeing a reflection of themselves in their desired fields
We would’ve loved to have Dr. Shoniqua Roach, as we strongly wanted a Black woman who is also under the LGBTQIA+ community to speak on this matter, as she is departing from the UO, and would’ve been essential to one of our primary points.
However, we are excited to show what we did manage to capture, and hopefully plan on expanding this narrative beyond the time-frame of (10 weeks) we were given.”

UO Black Cultural Center

Black Lives Matter: Campus and Community Resources, Information, Messages (this includes a list of Campus Groups copied below*) –

UO Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation: Black Lives Matter Resources

UO Library Antiracism Resources

UO’s Deconstructing Whiteness Working Group

A list of relevant UO courses (updated June 5, 2020):

Division of Equity and Inclusion at UO –

Rehearsals for Life to help people learn and practice stepping in and defusing disrespectful situations

*UO Campus Groups copied from the BLM resources:

African Student Association

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Black Alumni Network

Black and Christian

Black Cultural Center

Black Law Students

Black Male Alliance

Black Strategies Group

Black Student Union

Black Women of Achievement

UO African American Workshop and Lecture Series

UO Black Alumni

Umoja Black Scholars

Center for Multicultural Academic Excellence

Multicultural CenterCoalition for Allyship and Engagement

Counseling Center

Incidents of bias or harassment on campus can be reported to the Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance or Bias Education and Response Team.


National and International Societies in our Field

Society for Black Brain and Behavioral Scientists:

SPARK Society